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Consult, report and protect yourself from cyberbulling, provocation, insults and threats on twitter

How it works

The aim of Trolldor is to combat the defenselessness of Twitter users. We want to get across the need behavior on Twitter to be based on respect for users, to encourage a good social network environment.

We feel that the behavior of some Twitter users is part of the problem, which is why we’ve created Trolldor, a place where users themselves are the ones who can report other users that fail to respect everyone else.

Trolldor works like a blacklist of Trolls, and is open to any user in the world with a Twitter account.

No, a user who is marked as a troll cannot report other users.

You can make two queries a day on Trolldor if have not signed up, or if you register you can check as many profiles as you like, free of charge and with no daily limit!

Being registered also means you can report other users as a Troll if you think their behavior on Twitter is not appropriate, and by doing so join our crusade for a “better world of tweeting”. And see in your Trolldor if someone has reported you as a Troll.

Registration on Trolldor is completely free and quick to do. You just have to log in with your Twitter account and password, then provide three more pieces of information to be signed up with Trolldor. You will receive a confirmation by email that you will have to activate, and you’re all set.

Registering on Trolldor is completely free and takes less than 30 seconds; once you have signed up you benefit from lots of advantages:

  • You can check as many profiles as you like on Trolldor, free of charge and with no daily limit! (Unregistered visitors can only make a limited number of queries per day.)
  • You can report other users who you think are displaying inappropriate behavior on Twitter.
  • Access to your Trolldor account to see if you have any reports, are listed as a Troll or find out who reported you.
  • Email notification of your profile receives a report or you are included on Trolldor.
  • You’ll be the first to know any good news about Trolldor.

To sign up, you just have to log in with your Twitter account and password, then provide three more pieces of information to be signed up with Trolldor. You will receive a confirmation by email that you will have to activate, and you’re all set ;)

The reasons for reporting a Twitter profile are:

  • Provocation - we love debates and good discussion on Twitter. However, users who just look to provoke for fun can be reported in this category.
  • Creep - we all know who they are: they fill up your timeline on a daily basis with messages worshipping their idols, friends, relatives and colleagues. Now you can let them know that their behavior is too much
  • Retweeter/Favoriter - users who never create their own content and just retweet and favorite other people’s tweets. A warning with a report might encourage them to show the world what they have inside.
  • Insult/Threat - insults and threats are a delicate matter, but Trolldor is a good way of letting everyone know that a profile is continuing to making abusive use of Twitter.
  • False identity - you can use this category to indicate profiles that seek with usurp another’s identity for unclear purposes

Would you like to add new reasons for reporting? Send us your suggestion and we’ll study it.

Three reports from different users are needed for a Twitter profile to be listed as a Troll.
No. Users cannot delete any reports they have received. The record of reports will remain on their Trolldor profile to be viewed when someone makes a query.


The first three reports can be deleted by accessing Trolldor and registering with the user’s Twitter account, requesting they be deleted automatically.

If a user receives three more reports (accumulating six reports from different users), they can again ask not to be listed as a Troll by means of a public apology mentioning the user that filed the report, if said user made their identity known in the report.

If the user receives three more reports, they can only be returned to the initial “not listed as a Troll” status manually by the Trolldor team, following an express request placed by the user identified as a Troll.

The user placing the report can choose between sending an anonymous report or make their identity known when sending their report.

No. A user may only report another user once.

We are working on the Trolldor app for mobile devices. In the meantime, the Trolldor website is 100% responsive and works in any browser for mobile devices.

Yes. Trolldor is completely free of charge for any user.

Yes. If a user is displaying abusive behavior with regard to reports on other users, said user’s Trolldor account may be temporarily suspended to prevent inappropriate use of the tool. Please check the Trolldor usage policy.

No. It is not currently possible to see who has checked your profile, but this is one of the most common requests from users, and we are working on this and other functions in order to extend the tool’s functions.

No. The Trolldor team is not linked in any way to Twitter Inc.

Trolldor cannot access your profile or use your password in any circumstances. Your password is only used by you as the user of your Twitter account.

No. The purpose of Trolldor is for you, the people who use Twitter, to make it a place with interesting content and where users behave appropriately.