the global blacklist of twitter trolls

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Top10 worldwide trolls

  • Яubén Sánchez

  • Miguel Chouza

  • Sheila Aguilar

  • Luis Fernandez Campo

  • Maria Rosa Diez

  • UgglyZorra

  • Rodrigo Olabiaga

  • Elsa A. Rosales

  • Raymond Terrific

  • Diego de La Mattaz


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DM'd me saying that I shouldn't tweet, and my opinion is worthless. Others have @mentioned him saying he's a troll.
Harasses people he disagrees with. Admits he is a troll in one of his replies to me.
Anonymous @talideon
Posted a video of a man eating a baby mouse alive under the guise of "THIS IS SO CUTE!
Misrepresents your own statements then insults you when you don't agree "you seem to be having trouble understanding"
Insults you because you provided a personal experience differing to his – said "you're not that important"
Classic troll behaviour – slurred my character simply because he disagrees with my personal experience
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